What is Life Alignment?

Life Alignment is a way to enable clients to discover their own healing abilities and free themselves from their own issues.

It combines some of the tried and tested tools of radionics and applied kinesiology – muscle testing, vibrational medicine tools, body points and charts – with an amazing process for guiding the client through a cognitive-emotional process towards integration and enlightenment.

This is it’s great strength – it is fundamentally a system for constantly incorporating new information and feedback tools for the body-mind to come into alignment with integrity and clarity.

As such, Life Alignment is constantly growing. New modules and techniques are created and discovered all the time. Practitioners constantly have the opportunity to study further, and to improve their own sessions with clients.

At times, learning Life Alignment can be quite challenging, because to succeed, the student has to integrate the spatial and verbal sides of the brain, the emotional and the mental bodies, as well as the spiritual. There is a lot to memorise in the beginning, and students are expected to master a good understanding of the physical body as well.

However, all this study and personal growth is well worth it, because when you have mastered Life Alignment as a technique, you have also mastered spiritual counselling and being able to precisely guide your client into profound shifts and personal growth.