Life Alignment Energy Healing in South Africa

Life Alignment international conference on energy healing
The first international Life Alignment conference was held in Hout Bay, Cape Town in 2015

What is Life Alignment?

Life alignment is an energy healing modality that has been around for about 30 years. South Africa is one of the it’s founding origin-countries. In the beginning, it was called Body Alignment Technique, back in the 1990’s. Jeff Levin is the creator and channel for most – almost all – of Life Alignment. However it constantly draws on and incorporates techniques and ideas from multiple other energy healing disciplines and lineages.

Where can you book an energy healing session?

We have practitioners based in the Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng, and the Garden Route. And of course online. Typically our practitioners have studied and practiced in multiple healing modalities. Most practitioners choose to work in this amazing field of service for a life-time.

Energy healing is fundamentally an experiential discipline.

Energy healing is experiential and creative.

What can an energy healing balance do for you?

A balance can help you to change your reality. It can improve your vitality and your vibes. This in turn, can help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. No matter what your path, situation or experience of life.

Energy healing is fundamentally an experiential discipline. It is not driven by theory or by rule-books, but by feelings, intuitions, insights and results. It is deeply guided by the inspiration people discover in their personal lives and experiences.

Life Alignment is one kind of energy healing. It provides a kind of operating system for engaging with the body-mind precisely and flexibly. It is a very effective way of enquiring and exploring what the root causes of the your problems. And of determining the priority that needs to shift to facilitate deep and effective healing.

Usually by the time that you go for an energy healing session, you have struggled for some time already. This is of course true for both physical and mental health issues. You may have explored medical, psychological, life-style and practical solutions. You will have thought deeply about the problem many many times already.

Energy healing has a great many benefits. An energy healer, spiritual teacher, therapist or life coach that has Life Alignment skills can help guide you to the Aha moments. The breakthroughs. In which your entire understanding of and relationship to the situation can shift. The moments when you can open to a higher, more enlightened perspective.

Life alignment is all about changing your life. Bringing it into alignment with your soul’s purpose, with your joy, with your essence.

How to choose a practitioner

First, just look at the person and decide if you would feel comfortable with them. Read about them and see if they have themes they work with that speak to you. Decide whether you would prefer a video session online or an in-person one with someone in your local area.

Then get in touch with the person with perhaps a list of questions, find out about the price and timing, and take things from there.