Who are we?

ILAASA is the International Association of Life Alignment Practitioners.

It consists of all South African practitioners, and has democratic decision-making processes and structure.

Each practitioner is expected to pay a modest annual membership fee.

Our goal as an association is to promote the interests of all practitioners in South Africa, and to keep us in alignment with our constitution, code of conduct and ethics

We provide:

This website, boring administration functions (which take a surprising amount of effort and stress), networking and social connections, a system of accountability and gentle regulation, and long-term record keeping.

We also create and fund marketing, and projects that benefit Life Alignment practitioners as a whole in South Africa. So if you have an idea, we can back it.

We have an ombudsman to deal with legal crises, and an essential aspect of our role is custodianship of the legacy of Life Alignment in South Africa, and advocacy for the needs of South Africans in the global body

We hold regular newsletters, gatherings, conferences, meetings and workshops,

We continue to work towards some form of affordable formal accreditation with a regional holistic health organisation. This last objective has turned into something of a marathon, but we are continuing with that goal.

In short, ILAASA is the long-term collective association of healers working with Life Alignment in South Africa, and an essential foundation for continuity, structure, and ongoing service to our calling.

For this reason, we encourage all practitioners to pay their fees on time – each delay costs us time and money we could be using for the benefit of all, and to keep contributing, even when the going gets tough.

Members can also choose to serve on the committee or contribute in some other way. And of course we can make an arrangement!