Dr Jeff Levin

Dr Jeff Levin

Life Alignment is Jeff’s life work, his creation, and his legacy.

Healing can be a gentle every-day kind of practice and experience. Incremental improvements, a kind softening, an insight, a small shift.

Or it can be like being clonked between the eyeballs by a bolt of pure Light.

This is the level of miracles and epiphanies.

And this is one important part of the set of gifts that Jeff has brought into the general field of energy healing.

What he has also contributed through Life Alignment is the wisdom, range and structure to create an open-ended system that precisely and efficiently pinpoints the fulcrum for bringing people into balance.

So a tap, a question, a pause, changes everything. Instantly.

The third major gift that Jeff has brought into play, in my personal opinion is that of teaching and coaching.

Not only has he created this amazing system for healing, but he has also made it accessible to anyone who wants to be of service in this way. You don’t need to be one kind of psychic or another. You don’t need to be ‘special’. Jeff has found the way to share his gift with the world by making it possible for anyone to do what he does. Methodically, reliably, and in a way that supports, contains, and protects the client throughout the process.